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reborn doll kits
Detailed introduction

1-This item is for the reborn doll kits , can reborn 20''-22'' baby doll. Unit price per kits is from $8 to $25  based on your quantity.

2-This Kit Includes:
-soft vinyl head
-3/4 length vinyl arms
-3/4 length vinyl legs

3-Pass EN/71 Lead Free and PHTHALATHES-FREE,these reborn baby kit are from China and meets all U.S. Guidelines.

4-Unpainted, No Eyelashes, No body slip, Flesh Color, doll artist can give the baby just the right color.

5-All other materials to transform and complete the doll into a reborn are the responsibility of the purchaser.

6-You are buying a DOLL KIT (vinyl parts only) and not a finished doll. The baby in the photos is for example purposes only!

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